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When we started Glasgow Blogs we had no idea how many of you there were out there and we had absolutely no idea how popular we’d become, so the original list we had made quickly filled up and we needed to find a new alternative and that’s why we’ve changed around how we display the list of local blogs.We’ve split the new list into different pages so each page focuses solely on that bit, we can then tailor pages to give great news and tips to the bloggers in the section. Makes it better for everyone.

We had to stop accepting blogs for a while because there were so many of you, but we’re glad to announce that we can now start adding people again. (Hooray!) So want your blog on our list? Tweet @glasgowblogs and we’ll get around to adding you as soon as possible!

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Glasgow Blogs

We are the biggest blogging community in the city of Glasgow. We connect over 200 bloggers with business in and around the city, from the centre to Partick, Hamilton and further. All you need to do is say Hello!

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