Glasgow Blogs For Businesses

Bloggers and businesses go hand in hand, we know this, bloggers know this and you know this. In order to help our bloggers create unique, new content and help your brand reach hundreds of their followers, we work with you to bring new opportunities to the talented bloggers in Glasgow.

We want to do more than just give bloggers a post or two, we want to build a relationship between your brand and bloggers in the city. Using our unique knowledge of the blogging scene in Glasgow, we can pair your brand up to the perfect set of bloggers. Something that will match your brand style to the right audience for your product or promotion, this is something no agency can offer you.

Being a not-for-profit organisation, we do not charge a fee for this and want to create great opportunities for bloggers in the city. With us, you will always know that your brand will be in the right place.

Got a press release?

We also send press releases to our bloggers on a regular basis, so if you want to get news out to the community then please do get in touch.

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