The List

Our list is the most comprehensive list of active bloggers within Glasgow, manually updated by our team of highly trained minions allows us to ensure quality and activity with every post!

The list

  1. Sport, Health, Fitness & Travel
  2. Lifestyle & Food
  3. Beauty & Fashion
  4. Creative, Business & Internet


How do we choose which blog goes where?

We decide on a blogs category on two major items: description of the blog and type of posts,  a lot of of the time we’ll find more than one of our categories in a blogs description. In this case we’ll put them in the section that matches the theme of their blog (i.e. if a fashion/lifestyle/food/beauty blogger is doing a majority of food blogging then they will be placed under “Lifestyle & Food”).

This helps us ensure you get a good amount of relevant viewers to match the content you produce

March 2017 Update

As of March 2017 this website will now only list bloggers in Glasgow, the admins are taking a short hiatus to concentrate on other projects they are working on.

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